Sunday, November 15, 2009

baby shower blanket

Now that my Afghan projects are done for a bit, I have made this blanket for an upcoming baby shower for a local friend. The pattern is from Woman's Day Granny Squares, No. 1, published in 1973. I am very fond of old vintage crochet magazine.

The yarn is Caron "Simply Soft" in Lemonade, Watermelon, and Grape. The photo looks a bit more blue than it is in reality -- that is a purple color. It is not yet blocked, but I wanted to talk the picture while I had some natural light.


  1. Absolutely stunning. I hope they appreciate this blanket.


  2. I can't believe i"m seeing this! I crocheted that same blanket from that same magazine for my son's birth in March 1974. What's sad is that about 10 years ago I went on a cleaning rampage and got rid of the magazine...and have regretted it ever since. PS Thank you for your recommendation about the Leisure ARts patterns...I went to their site and had a blast buying several crochet afghan books for my own fun.

  3. Nice to hear from you Taos... I nearly threw out my old magazines too in one of those cleanup fits, but I'm glad my laziness won out :). I've been digging into them more than ever lately. If there is ever anything you want, I'd be happy to photocopy some pages.

    I had a son in 1974 too... I bet we are of an age :)