Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby blanket

Another Afghans For Afghans project from 2007. This baby blanket began as a great buy on some clearance sale yarn. But there wasn't enough, so I had to get more from my LYS that would coordinate with it. The "coordinating" yarn ended up not really going with the original yarn, and I ended up ditching the bargain yarn (used in a later project) and getting more of the "filler" yarn to make this. (The yarn is Cestari heathers.)

I wanted to make something that was inspired by oriental rug designs. I had a much more complex idea in mind at the beginning and then ended up simplifying it hugely to get it done and to work with the yarn quantities that I had. I came out looking pretty well, but already I can't reproduce it. I would probably do some things quite differently if I were making something like it again.


  1. Beautiful! I'm thinking I could do something like this in knitting -

  2. you could definitely adapt a design like this to knitting!