Monday, October 26, 2009

chullo hat

I made this hat from leftovers of the blanket project (all destined for Afghanistan). I thought I'd write down the pattern so I don't forget it this time, as I tend to make it up as I go along. (For the life of me I cannot figure out why blogger wants to put this picture in sideways).

Correction posted 11/15/09

materials: Knitting worsted yarn, approx. 50 gr variegated Main Color, (MC), small amounts of red (A) and purple (B). Size "G" hook.

Gauge: 4 sc = 1"

notes: join all rows with (sl, ch 1)
inc = 2 sc in same stitch
dec = insert hook in st and pull up loop, insert hook in next st and pull up loop, yarn over and pull through both loops

to change colors: on stitch before new color change, insert hook in st, YO and pull up loop with existing color, then YO new color and draw through all loops on hook. Begin next st with new color and work until next color change. Work over strands of yarn not in use

finished size: fits 20" head, suitable for teenager or small adult.
can be adapted for other sizes -- 96 st will fit larger adult, 80 st will fit child, 72 st will fit infant
[TBD, adjust directions for different sizes)

with MC ch 4, sl st to form ring, ch 1
row 1: 8 sc in ring
row 2: inc in each stitch around -- 16 st total
row 3: *inc, sc, repeat from * 8 times -- 24 st total
row 4: *inc, sc in next 2 st, repeat from * 8 times - 32 st total
row 5: work even, sc in each st
row 6: work 8 increases evenly spaced -- 40 st total
row 7: work even, sc in each st

repeat row 6 & 7 until 88 stitches total; 19 rows
finish off MC

first color band:
row 1: attach color A, sc in each st around
row 2: *sc with color A in next 3 st, change to B and sc in next st, repeat from * all around
row 3: *sc with color A in next 2 st, change to B and sc in next 2 st, repeat from * all around
row 4: *sc with color A in next st, sc with color B in next st, repeat from * all around. Drop color B
row 5: change to color A, sc in each st around. Fasten off A

row 6-10: change to MC, work even

second color band:
row 11-15: work same as for first color band, reversing color A and B

row 16-17: change to MC, work even, finish off after joining for last row

earflap 1:
row 19: skip 12 st, attach MC, 20 sc across, ch 1, turn
row 20: sc in each st, ch 1, turn
row 21: dec, sc across to last 2 st, dec, ch 1, turn
repeat row 20 & 21 until row has 6 st (33 rows)
repeat row 21 until row has 1 st, fasten off (36 rows)

earflap 2:
row 19: skip 24 st from first earflap, attach MC and work as for earflap 1

edging: attach B to center back, work sc in each sc, and sc in side of each row of earflap, sl in first sc and fasten off

make ties:
cut 10 ft piece of color B, fold in half and in half again
tie slipknot in cut end, slip knot over a doorknob or similar protrusion and pull snug
put a pencil or hook through folded end and twist until yarn becomes very, very taut
tightly grab yarn in the middle and carefully fold the end with pencil to meet end on doorknob -- yarn will twist around itself very suddenly, so watch out!
tie a knot in yarn near the doorknob end and remove from doorknob
trim ends evenly

attach ties to earflap


  1. Hi, Love this hat!!! Great Job! Making two for my godchildren for xmas. I have a question, In the base of the hat you say: row 7: work even, sc in each st

    repeat row 7 & 8 until 88 stitches total; 19 rows
    finish off MC

    Should row 8 be work the same as row 7???

    Thank you!!!

  2. Whoops! there is an error. You should repeat row 6&7, not 7&8. I am terribly sorry if the hat isn't coming out right! I am fixing my instructions right away.